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Shawnee County Systems Division

The Shawnee County Systems Division works directly with departments to provide high-quality, custom solutions promptly. To be successful, the team strives to be as efficient as possible. This means implementing automated processes, user-friendly tools, and employing cloud-based technologies. By leveraging these technologies, a more pro-active business model can be realized. This frees up time to work toward providing a solution for an entire workload rather than a single job process. Providing and managing the technology needs for Shawnee County also allows the departments to concentrate on their core business.

The Shawnee County Systems Division portfolio consists of five functional areas (listed below) that provide support in developing and maintaining web and data solutions.


Business Analysis

New Development

The Business Analysis Team utilizes the Project Management Institute's best practices, which help us identify and understand business functions when providing a custom solution. Any additions or expansions of existing software will also be discussed between the Business Analyst (BA) and the customer. Once all requirements for the expansion have been agreed upon, it will be elevated to the Software Application Development Team Manager to allocate a window of time for the work to be completed. This will then become scheduled for development, and work will progress when Application Developers are available. The BA Team is responsible for:

  • Creation of a project plan
  • Communication of project status on a regular pre-defined basis
  • Product demos at feature milestones
  • Testing applications for product consistency with business requirements

The Business Analysis Team also provides training to users once the initial work has been completed on a system. This is paired with documentation of the system's functionality, which gives step-by-step instructions on how to perform tasks within the system.

Application Development

New Development

Software Application Development involves programming, testing, and/or implementation of the business requirements as defined by the Business Analyst and customer. Once application developers have received these requirements, they are responsible for:

  • Coding or acquisition of the software
  • Coordination with other IT staff to determine data storage and platform requirements
  • Code-first database design
  • Scheduling of system reporting (when necessary)
  • Conversion of existing data when appropriate
  • Implementation of the software application and processes
  • Post implementation support

Any software developed under the Software Application Development process above will be supported by the IT Department, with a concentrated focus in the first two months of implementation. This ensures any product flaws are addressed immediately to provide a smooth experience when transitioning to the new application.


Some applications or work processes will require the use of specialized software. When this occurs, IT will serve as the supporting party and the intermediary with the 3rd-party application.

Database Administration and Programming

Database administrators use specialized software to store and organize data. This role is responsible for fulfilling open records requests and administering database systems; the DBA is required to:

  • Configure, manage and monitor hardware resources for optimal user experience
  • Transfer data from one system to another
  • Administer data access policy
  • Troubleshoot database performance issues
  • Backup and recover data
  • Setup of job automation

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

  • Create financial reports
  • Create Ad-Hoc reports for external auditors
  • Configure and implement Audit Finance approved system changes
  • Consult and advise departments on the best use of the system
  • Design, implement and maintain user access policies and system workflows
  • Provide system training for new users

Website Design & Administration

Shawnee County IT is also responsible for maintaining information on the county website/intranet. The Webmaster role provides departments with the technical expertise to manage content deployment to the public for ease-of-access on the website. Internally, county employees have access to the intranet web page, which is also controlled by the Webmaster. This provides employees with forms, current events, and policy documents to help keep them informed. Website Design & Administration is responsible for:

New Development
  • Audio and video production of meetings, conferences, and training (available for all county locations/buildings)
  • Graphic design, including PowerPoint presentations, event flyers, data visualization, logos, etc.
  • Vendor-specific artwork formatting and conversion
  • Adobe document modification
  • Create, edit, organize and publish content to the county web pages