Shawnee County Audit Finance

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Budget Preparation

The Audit Finance Department initiates, guides and oversees the budgeting process. The process begins in early April when Audit Finance sends budget preparation materials to all departments. The budget packet includes forms and instructions for preparing the department’s budget request for the next year.

In the middle of May, the proposed departmental budgets are returned to Audit Finance for compilation and distribution to the Board of County Commissioners.
July 1, the County Clerk prepares the assessed values and related budget data. This Budget Information Sheet is provided to the Audit Finance Department for the estimated calculation of a County Mill Levy for budgeting purposes. Beginning July 1st, the County Commissioners will meet with each Department Head, Elected Official and program administrator to review their budget request. The proposed budget, which is a compilation of department budget requests, is presented to the Board of County Commissioners.

In late July, a public hearing date is set and the proposed budget is published. After the publication, the County cannot adopt a budget that exceeds the published budget amount. After the public hearing, the Board of County Commissioners will make revisions to the proposed budget. The final budget must be approved by the Board of County Commissioners and certified on or before August 25th.

The certified budget is available online.

2019 Budget Timeline

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