Shawnee County Community Corrections

Intensive Supervised Probation.


Partnership and Action

Adult Community Corrections is a state (Kansas Department of Corrections, or "KDOC") and local partnership which promotes public safety by:

  • Providing highly structured community supervision to felony offenders.
  • Holding these offenders accountable to their victims and to the community.
  • Improving offenders’ ability to live productively and lawfully.

Juvenile Community Corrections is a state (Kansas Department of Corrections - Juvenile Services, or "KDOC-JS") and local partnership that promotes public safety by:

  • Holding juvenile offenders accountable for their behavior through community supervision and/or out-of-home placements.
  • Improves the ability of youth to live productively and responsibly in their community.

History and Purpose

The Community Corrections Act was passed in 1978. Shawnee County was among the first counties to join in the Act and begin programming. Initially, there were nine counties participating. In 1989, the Act was mandated for all counties in the state. Juvenile services were included in 1994. The Juvenile Justice Reform Act was passed in 1996 and amended in 1997. Juvenile offender services from KDOC and SRS were transferred to the Juvenile Justice Authority (“JJA”.) In 2013, all services to juvenile offenders through the JJA were transferred to KDOC under the title of KDOC-JS.

An original purpose of Community Corrections’ programs was the diversion of prison-bound offenders from prison facilities to community-based intermediate sanction programs (Intensive Supervised Probation, or “ISP”.) With the changes brought on by sentencing guidelines, offenders are formally sentenced to probation pursuant to the guidelines’ computation of sentence. Currently, the Shawnee County Department of Community Corrections supervises chronic or violent offenders who remain in the community in lieu of incarceration. Effective community-based programming involves supervision with solution-focused case management services that assist the offender to become a productive member of society.

Initially, Shawnee County Community Corrections was one of three agencies within the Shawnee County Department of Corrections, including: the Adult Detention facility (jail), the Shawnee County Juvenile Detention Center (“SCJDC”.) and Community Corrections. In 2000, Community Corrections became a separate department of Shawnee County. Effective June 1, 2019 the Community Corrections operation was returned to the supervision of the Shawnee County Department of Corrections.

This agency provides adult services (Intensive Supervised Probation, or “ISP”) to offenders in the 3rd Judicial District (Shawnee County) and the 2nd Judicial District (Jefferson, Jackson, Wabaunsee and Potawatomie Counties.) This agency also provides juvenile services (Juvenile Intensive Supervised Probation, or “JISP,” and Case Management) to juvenile offenders of Shawnee County.

Agency Goals

  • Public Safety - Maintain manageable caseloads allowing staff to closely supervise offenders in the community.
  • Enforce Court - Ordered Sanctions - develop supervision plans that meet the requirements of the court and provide structure, which will improve the offender’s ability to successfully complete the terms of probation.
  • Restore Crime Victims - Oversee payment of restitution, court costs and community service work.
  • Assist Offender to Change - Monitor the offender’s participation in services and programs provided by community Corrections or Community Corrections resources on alcohol and drug treatment, anger management, cognitive behavioral thinking, job search and maintenance skills, literary enhancement and life skills.

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