Shawnee County Community Corrections

Intensive Supervised Probation.

Organizational Composition

Shawnee County Community Corrections serves the 3rd Judicial District (Shawnee) and 2nd Judicial District (Jackson, Jefferson, Pottawatomie and  Wabaunsee)

County Commission

Board of Shawnee County Commissioners

  • Bob Archer—Chair
  • Kevin Cook—Vice Chair
  • Bill Riphahn

Advisory Boards

Community Corrections Advisory Board

  • Kent Reed—Co-Chair
  • Cathy Leonhart—Co-Chair

Juvenile Corrections Advisory Board

  • Roger Dirks—Chair


  • Rebecca Cartmill—Interim Director
  • Trenton James —ISP Division Manager
  • Kimberly Taylor—Office Manager II


Adult Staff

Adult Intensive Supervised Probation

3rd District Adult ISP

  • ISO Tommy Ayers
  • ISO Tracee Ford
  • ISO Maria Guzman-Lawson
  • ISO Seth Hanes
  • ISO Ginger Koch
  • ISO Joel Manzanares
  • ISO Eric McHardie
  • ISO Joseph Schuetz
  • ISO Jordan Lowe
  • ISO Jill Tipton-Bell
  • ISO Russel Yocum

  • 2nd District Adult ISP

  • ISO Gene Bilynsky
  • ISO Andrew Johnson
  • ISO Penny Walker

Juvenile Staff

Juvenile Intensive Supervised Probation, Case Management and Conditional Release

3rd District Juvenile ISP

  • ISO/CCM Adam Blume
  • ISO/CCM Dustin Browning
  • ISO/CCM Erin Hicks
  • ISO/CCM Rocadren Lee
  • ISO/CCM Dalene Liby
  • ISO/CCM Clay McCarter
  • ISO/CCM Jimmy Zirkle
  • Social Worker—Vacant


  • CCM – Community Case Manager
  • ISO – Intensive Supervision Officer