Shawnee County Community Corrections

Intensive Supervised Probation.

Adult and Juvenile Programs

Adult Programs


Regional Alcohol and Drug Assessment Center has an office on site and provides drug and alcohol assessments on Tuesdays. Limited funding available for those who must pay a fee for the assessment. Offenders will be referred to state funded facilities if they meet criteria for treatment.

Thinking for a Change (T4C)

Consists of services provided for juvenile offenders who have been placed, by the court, in the care and custody of the Juvenile Justice Authority. The court may order out-of-home placement for the juvenile offender after all other reasonable efforts have been made to address  the problems causing the illegal behavior. Case management services are provided to assist the juvenile and their caregiver to find resources that will meet their needs.

Anger Management

Anger Management utilizes the same problem solving skills and cognitive restructuring of Thinking for Change to help offenders who have difficulty with their anger, in personal as well as social settings. This is a 14 week course.

Job Club

Job Club is for employable or under-employed offenders wanting to brush up their job searching skills as well as their resumes. This course tackles everything from reading job ads, filling out applications on line, to appropriate dress and mock interviews for employment.

Behavioral Health Programs

Recovery Coach

The recovery coach is a person with a working knowledge of community resources who understands the many obstacles throughout the journey of recovery. It is the primary goal of a recovery coach to help the client become connected and engaged in the recovery community.

Care Coordinator

The care coordinator will advocate for the offender in the following areas: Obtain drug and alcohol assessment and referral to treatment services when appropriate. Explore mental health treatment. Assist with housing options. Create a plan to determine needs, develop goals and reduce barriers. Establish support system in the community.

Juvenile Programs

Youth for Christ (YFC) Mentoring

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Positive Pathways Program (P3) Mentoring

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Medication Vouchers-when appropriate, through Genoa Pharmacy.