Shawnee County Community Corrections

Intensive Supervised Probation.

Adult and Juvenile Services

Adult Services

Adult Intensive Supervised Probation

Monitors a target population of felony offenders who have prison sentences set aside for an attempt at rehabilitation. Boot camp graduates are also assigned to ISP.

Juvenile Services

Juvenile Offender Community Case Management

Consists of services provided for juvenile offenders who have been placed, by the court, in the care and custody of the Juvenile Justice Authority. The court may order out-of-home placement for the juvenile offender after all other reasonable efforts have been made to address  the problems causing the illegal behavior. Case management services are provided to assist the juvenile and their caregiver to find resources that will meet their needs.

Juvenile Conditional Release Supervision

Provides monitoring of juveniles released from one the four KDOC-JS operated juvenile correctional  facilities and returned to the community. Community corrections officers monitor the juvenile in  following the conditions of their release and assist the juvenile in accomplishing their aftercare plan.

Juvenile Intensive Supervised Probation

An intensive monitoring program providing an intermediate sanction between standard probation and placement in a juvenile correctional facility for convicted juvenile offenders.