Shawnee County Clerk

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Accounting Division

Accountant Rhonda Praiswater 785.251.4159

The Accounting Division is responible for a large number of monthly transactions. Consider the following:

  • Invoices from all 24 Shawnee County Departments are received and paid by three staff members in the County Clerk’s office.
  • There are approximately 10,000 vendors on the Shawnee County system! We pay about half of these every month.
  • We provide sales tax exemption certificates to vendors.
  • One staff person maintains the fixed asset list for the entire County. Any purchases over $1,500 have to be on the County's fixed asset list. That person also removes surplus / destroyed items from the fixed asset list.
  • A yearly report is provided to the State Treasurer regarding outstanding indebtedness for school districts, cities, townships, fire districts, drainage districts and Shawnee County.
  • We prepare financial statements for General Obligation bonds and temporary note financing.
  • We compute General Obligation bond figures for street and sewer improvement projects, which determines the special assessments.
  • We wire all payroll deductions/withholdings to the appropriate entities.
  • We compute and balance the figures for 1099's.
  • We complete W-9 forms.

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