Shawnee County Clerk

Responsible Transparent Responsive.

State Responsibilities

The State mandates many responsibilities to the County Clerk.

  • Property tax levies and tax roll preparation.
  • Furnishes an abstract of taxes to be collected to the County Treasurer.
  • Review budgets for school districts, cities, townships and other taxing authorities.
  • Sets the official mill levies for each taxing district.
  • Balance and certify distribution of motor vehicle taxes to the County Treasurer.
  • Record transfer of ownership from deeds, probates, divorce, death certificates, etc.
  • Maintains the real estate file by address, property description and name.
  • Vacation and relocation of county roads.
  • Attachment/detachment of rural water districts.
  • Economic development and industrial revenue bond issues pertaining to exempt properties.
  • Issuance of various licenses, i.e., cereal malt beverage, transient and peddlers; various fish and game licenses and permits.
  • Assists taxpayers with preparation of Homestead and Food Sales Tax returns.
  • Accounts payable for all county departments.
  • County payroll.
  • Administers county health insurance plan and other employee benefits.
  • The Mapping and GIS Divisions maintain various maps.
  • The County Clerk serves as the Local Freedom of Information Officer for Shawnee County.