Shawnee County District Attorney

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District Attorney

Criminal Restitution

The District Attorney’s Office works diligently to ensure victims of crime have the opportunity to receive monetary compensation for their out of pocket expense after the commission of a crime. Upon conviction, the court may require the defendant to pay restitution as part of the sentencing orders. This restitution is provided to victims via the Shawnee County Clerk of the District Court’s office, ensuring further privacy for victims.

In addition, victims may also apply for the Kansas Crime Victim’s Compensation Board program. If found eligible, the victim may receive reimbursement for medical bills, counseling, funeral costs, crime scene clean up, clothing/bedding loss, and lost wages. The determination of eligibility and reimbursement amount (as well as what loss will be reimbursed) is at the sole discretion of the Kansas Crime Victim’s Compensation Board.

Victims of crime in Shawnee County receive a “NOTICE TO SEEK AN ORDER FOR RESTITUTION” along with the notice of filed charges. If a duplicate form is needed, or for more information, please contact a Shawnee County Victim Witness Specialist at 785-251-4330.