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  • Adult Expungement Forms
  • Juvenile Expungement Forms


    Pursuant to K.S.A. 21-6614 et seq., expungements are permitted for certain arrests, diversions, and convictions. If the Expungement is ordered, except in limited circumstances defined by statute, the person is thereafter treated as not having been arrested, convicted, or diverted of the crime. State v. Divine, 246 P.3d 692, 291 Kan. 738 (2011). The Shawnee County District Attorney’s Office has provided template forms and the following basic instructions to assist with the expungement process. However, the District Attorney’s Office may still oppose the expungement.

    The following documents are needed to begin the expungement process: (1) petition for expungement completed and signed by the petitioner; (2) order for expungement completed and signed by the petitioner; (3) coversheet; (4) notice of hearing; and (5) payment of $195 to the Clerk of the District Court. These documents shall be completed and filed with the Clerk of the District Court along with payment of necessary fees. Copies of the filings must then be served on the District Attorney’s Office and appropriate law enforcement agency.