Shawnee County Department of Corrections

Integrity Dedication Teamwork.


Fees for Services

Each inmate shall be responsible for paying for the following services as utilized. Each service fee shall be deducted from his/her account fund. If the person is determined indigent, the fee for service shall be charged against the inmate’s account fund and deducted as funds become available.

Notary Services

Notarizing and certifying documents (per document) $5

Copying and Related Services

Copying forms, documents, and materials provided by inmate (per page) 20¢
Copying that requires staff time, research, and/or pulling documents from an inmate file (per page) 50¢
Inmate photo (per photo printed) $5
Letter of Incarceration $5

Return Postage Fee

Fee for return mailing of cash or non-accepted checks sent in mail 50¢

Medical Co-pay

Nurse’s Sick Call $3
Doctor’s Clinic $5
Dental Clinic $5
Medication/Refills (per month) $3

There shall not be a fee charged for off-site emergency medical care and/or follow-up appointments as set by medical services.  Instead, pursuant to Kansas Law  K.S.A. 22-4612, all off-site medical services shall be initially paid by the Department of Corrections and then reimbursement seeked for all fees paid from the inmate receiving the services.  Medical Services shall not be denied due to an inability to pay the fees or past failures to make reimbursement of off-site medical fees.

Program Fees

Fees will be assessed for certain programs (Work Release, etc.).  These fees and the payment schedule are explained to the inmate when screened for the program.

Booking and Processing Fees

Effective May 12, 2004
Pursuant to Shawnee County Resolution 2004-40, the Shawnee County Department of Corrections shall assess a $45 booking and processing fee from all inmates that are finger printed in accordance with KSA 21-2501.
In the event that the inmate is acquitted, not charged, or has had all charges against him/her dismissed, he/she may, within 30 days after such event, make a request to have any booking/processing fees paid refunded. A Booking Fee Reimbursement Form, which can be obtained from the Booking Area, the Records Window or by requesting one by mail from the Records Staff, must be used.
Money received by an inmate once he/she is housed within the facility will be used in this order:

  1. To satisfy any garnishments
  2. The Booking and Processing Fee
  3. Any Internal Fees/Fines
  4. Commissary Purchases