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Inmate Work Program

The Shawnee County Department of Corrections has established an Inmate Work Program to provide life enhancement skills to inmates within the Adult Detention Center. The Inmate Work Program consists of three separate programs: the Inmate Trusty Program, the Work Release Program, and the Re-Entry Program.

Inmates may begin their participation in the Inmate Work Program as an Inmate Trusty. Inmate trusties are typically housed and work within the secure area of the main jail. Some trusties may perform work details within the community. These trusties are carefully screened to ensure they do not pose a threat to the public and are supervised by a security officer. These inmates may be housed in the Corrections Annex.

The Work Release Program is intended for those inmates who have been sentenced to serve time at the Adult Detention Center. Those inmates need to have an established employment history, demonstrate a positive work ethic, and demonstrate the ability to display appropriate conduct while being incarcerated. Inmates in the Work Release Program are housed at the Corrections Annex.

The Shawnee County Department of Corrections provides a Re-Entry Program that will provide inmates with employment skills, training, and on-site work opportunities to assist inmates in achieving meaningful employment and life skills once discharged from the facility. Inmates sentenced to the Adult Detention Center may be recommended for the Re-Entry Program by the courts. The Re-Entry Program consists of three (3) phases. Each phase is designed to help reintegrate inmates back into the community. An inmate may begin the Re-Entry Program in either phase as determined by the Programs Division. Phase one of the program consists of classroom based employment skills curriculum. Inmates in phase two of the program shall begin the program as an inmate trusty. Inmates in phase three shall be employed or able to obtain employment in a legitimate business within the community and may be required to complete Drug and Alcohol Treatment in the community.