Shawnee County Election Office

Prompt Honest Accurate.

Candidate Resources

Information Available Free of Charge

Advance Voting Forms – 1 copy is provided, candidates may make as many copies as they wish

Completed Advance Voting forms must be returned within two days • K.S.A. 25-1128

Candidate Race List – lists office, party, name, phone numbers and addresses of candidates

Counter Books – showing registration information in alpha, by W/P/T street or W/P/T alpha order

District Precinct Report – lists the precincts within each district

Election Calendar – a calendar of deadlines and office hours is available for each election

Precinct Committee Officials Lists – Republican / Democrat Precinct Committeemen and women

Race List – names of each race to appear on the ballot in the order in which they will appear

Voter Registration Statistics Cross Reference Reports – numbers of voters by precinct or district with total count and party; updated weekly

Voter Registration Applications – 25 cards at a time, an order form is required for more than 25; for printing in large quantities, the camera ready copy is available however no alteration of the card is allowed; Spanish applications are available upon request

Web Site – for forms, links to related sites, results and election information.

Records Available For Public Inspection

A Request for Inspection must be completed. Copies may be made for 50¢ a page. Special Requests for large numbers of copies will be done as staff is available. Additional charges for staff time or mileage to the warehouse may be necessary. Candidates may wish to provide their own volunteers for immediate copies.

Advance Voter Informationplease call for an appointment, must show ID, sign Request for Record Inspection/Log Book; information includes dates of applied, sent and received ballots, daily transaction lists 50¢ per page, accumulative reports - see candidate selection reports

Board Worker List – list of appointed election boards, appointments are subject to change

Poll Books – A 4 year history of Poll Books showing the name, address, age & election information of voters are kept in the office

Reports filed by candidates – may include Statements of Substantial Interest (local offices) Receipts And Expenditures, Affidavit Of Exemption, Appointment Of Treasurer, Declaration of Intention or Petition

Information with a Fee

Charges reflect the cost for the county and may change at any time.

Advance Voter Lists – cumulative lists are a minimum of $25 each; copies of pages are 50¢ each, must show identification, sign in log book and sign a Request for Record Inspection

Candidate Selection Reportsplease call for an appointment, information may be sorted in several ways; 24 hour turn around; $25 administrative fee with each order; half down with open records request required before the order. CDs are available for a flat fee of $50 and contain a data file of the whole county in text format, with Advance Voting information. $25 administrative fee for custom sorting.

Certifications – certified copies of records are $2 plus 50¢ per page for each page copied

Faxed pages – $1 per page; if photocopying is needed, an additional 50¢ per page is charged

Maps – City of Topeka showing street names, Townships without city detail, districts are in color

34"×44" $15 • 8½"×11" - $ 1.25 • 8½"×14" - $1.25

Photocopies – 50¢ per page as per county resolution

Election Office Contact Information

3420 SW Van Buren Street, Topeka, KS 66611

Telephone: 785.251.5900 • Fax: 785.251.5999

Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday - Friday


Web Site:

Reports and Statistics

Party Registration Statistics

Reports listing party officials, statistics and other important information about local elections, parties and voting. You can also find historic data on the Forms and Links page.

Registration Statistics by District 08/16/2019

Registration Statistics by Precinct 08/16/2019

District Precinct Reports

District Precinct Reports – lists the precincts within each district

Topeka City Council County Commission
State Representative State Senate
Cities of the Third Class School District
Member School District Drainage District
Sherwood Improvement District Townships

Precinct Committee Lists

Democratic Precinct Committee Men and Women 07/31/2019

Republican Precinct Committee Men and Women 04/02/2019