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The Mission of the Election Office: To honestly, fairly and according to law administer elections for all voters; and to accurately report the results in a timely manner.

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Attention Voters

Wednesday, June 1st at Noon was the deadline to change party affiliation. A 2014 state law placed a moratorium on changing party affiliations between the Candidate Filing Deadline (June 1st at 12:00 Noon) and the State Canvass for the August Primary Election (approximately September 1st). Registered Voters that are unaffiliated with any party may declare their affiliation to a political party at any time and may even do so at the time of voting in the August Primary. If fact, since the Democrat and Republican Parties have closed primary elections, unaffiliated voters wishing to vote in the August Primary must affiliate to either the Democrat or Republican party in order to vote in the August Primary Election.

2016 August Primary Race List

2016 Primary Candidate Lists

Dates to Remember

Printable Copy of the 2016 Primary Election Calendar

Printable Copy of the 2016 General Election Calendar

2016 Election Calendar

June 1 Noon Deadline to file or withdraw/last day to change party affiliation
July 12 Last day to register to vote
July 18 Advance Voting begins 8am to 5pm
July 25 Advance voting office hours extended 8am to 6pm
July 29 Last day to mail advance ballots from the office
July 29 Last day of advance voting extended office hours 8am to 6pm
Aug 1 Noon deadline for advance voting in the office
Aug 2 Election Day
Aug 11 County Board of Canvassers
Oct 18 Last day to register to vote
Oct 24 Advance Voting begins 8am to 5pm
Oct 31 Advance Voting office hours extended 8am to 7pm
Nov 4 Last day to mail advance ballots from the office
Nov 4 Last day of advance voting extended office hours 8am to 7pm
Nov 8 Election Day
Nov 17 County Board of Canvassers


Important Information

Registration and Voting

The information on our website reflects election law as it stands today. As new laws go into effect we will update the information accordingly.

The voter registration deadline is now the 21st day before any election.

Beginning January 1, 2012 every voter must show photo identification each time they vote. Beginning January 1, 2013, individuals must provide proof of U.S. citizenship when they register to vote for the first time in Kansas.

Beginning October 2, 2015, whenever a voter registration applicant is required to submit proof of citizenship, such applicant will have 90 days from the date of application to provide such proof of citizenship document or the application will be cancelled (K.A.R. 7-23-15). A new voter registration application will start a new 90 day period.

To check your registration status or to view a sample ballot, go to Kansas Voter View.

To Contact Your Party Headquarters

We maintain a list of party headquarters to help you to contact them more easily.

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View our Election Districts Map to learn which districts you are in, and who your elected officials are. The included districts are commission, school, city council, state representative and state senate.