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Secretary of State Voter Identification Requirements

Office of the Kansas Secretary of State

Acceptable Forms of Voter Identification

October, 2004

To satisfy the voter identification requirements of HAVA in Kansas, a voter must provide ID meeting the following criteria:

  • the ID must belong in one of the categories spelled out in HAVA, as listed below
  • the ID must contain the voter’s name and photo or the voter’s name and current residential address
  • the ID must contain 2 of the following 3 items: name, current residential address, photo
  • if an ID contains an address, it must match the residential address on the voter’s registration record

Categories and Examples

Kansas driver’s license or Kansas nondriver’s identification issued by DMV
Bank statement
Checking or savings account statement
Interest statement
Utility bill
Gas bill
Electric bill
Water bill
Telephone bill (cellular or land line)
Cable television bill
Paycheck stub
Notice of electronic deposit
W2 form
Government check
Medicare or Medicaid check
SRS check
WIC check
Other public assistance check
Other government document
US military ID card
College or high school student ID card
Nursing home roster if on government form (such as filed with KDHE, Aging)
Medicare or Medicaid card (must show name/current address)
Federal/state/county/local government employee ID
Pilot’s license
Hunting or fishing license
Gun permit
Ham radio operator’s license issued by Federal Communications Commission
Naturalization document (if it has 2 of 3 items, as stated above)
Vehicle registration
Copy of DMV change of address form
Statement from post office that an individual lives in and receives mail at a specific facility/location