Shawnee County Floodplain Management

Protection Resolutions Prevention.

After the Flood

Flood Safety

Call Your Agent

If your home, apartment, or business has suffered damage, call the insurance company that handles your flood insurance policy right away to initiate a claim.

Document Damage

Take color photographs or video of any damages resulting from the flood.

Before Entering a Flooded Building

  • Check for structural damage. Don't go in if there is any chance of the building collapsing.
  • Do not use matches, cigarette lighters, or any other open flames, since gas may be trapped inside. Instead, use a flashlight to light your way.
  • Keep power off until an electrician has inspected your system for safety.
  • Look out for animals and snakes. Animals lose their homes in floods too. They may seek shelter in yours.

Boil Water

Until local authorities proclaim your water supply to be safe, boil water for drinking and food preparation. Water should be boiled vigorously for five minutes before using.

Careful Cleaning

If the waters start to rise inside your house before you have evacuated, retreat to the second floor, attic or roof. Take dry clothing, a flashlight, and a portable radio.

Be careful walking around. After a flood, steps and floors are often slippery with mud and covered with debris, including nails and broken glass.