Shawnee County Floodplain Management

Protection Resolutions Prevention.

Drainage System Maintenance

Storm drains and natural drainageways are meant to handle only storm water. A community can lose a portion of its drainage system conveyance or storm water storage capacity due to illegal dumping, debris accumulation, soil erosion and sedimentation as well as overgrowth of vegetation. When this happens, flooding occurs more frequently and reaches higher elevations, subjecting properties otherwise protected to an unnecessary risk of damage. Extensive maintenance is necessary to ensure flood preparedness. Practice good drainage maintenance by keeping grass clippings and other debris out of storm water drainage systems and drainage canals to prevent clogging and loss of storm water storage and conveyance capacity.

Shawnee County relies upon the littering statute (K.S.A. 21-5815) to prohibit littering on public streets and rights-of-way, park and other public space, or any lake, stream, watercourse, or other body of water. To report illegal dumping, call the Shawnee County Sheriff's Office at 785.251.2200.

Remember, simply keeping ditches and watercourses free of debris can dramatically improve the run-off capacity of low lying areas, as well as greatly reduce the occurrence of blockage that significantly contributes to flooding.