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Flood Insurance Rate Maps and Flood Insurance Study

Flood Insurance Maps (FIRMS) and Flood Insurance Study (FIS Report)

Flood hazard maps, also called "Flood Insurance Rate Maps" (FIRMs) are important tools in the effort to protect lives and properties in Shawnee County. By showing the extent to which areas of the County and individual properties are at risk for flooding, flood maps help business and property owners make better decisions about protecting their property. These maps also allow engineers, community planners, local officials, builders and others to make important determinations about where and how new structures and developments should be built. Flood Insurance Rate Maps are used to determine the flood risk to your home or business.

Effective Date

The Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) and Flood Insurance Study (FIS) for Shawnee County took effect on September 29, 2011.

Flood Zones

Flood zones are land areas identified by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Each flood zone describes that land area in terms of its risk to flooding. Everyone lives in a flood zone ‐ it's just a question of whether you live in a low‐and moderate‐risk zone or a high‐risk zone.

  • High‐Risk Area. Land areas that are at high‐risk for flooding are called Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHAs). These areas are indicated on FIRM(s as "A", "AE", or "AO" and correspond to the 1% annual chance flood. There is a one in four chance of flooding during a 30-year mortgage. All home and business owners in these areas with mortgages from federally regulated or insured lenders are required to buy flood insurance.
  • Low Risk Area. A Non‐Special Flood Hazard Area (NSFHA) is an area that is a moderate‐to‐low risk area that corresponds to Shaded Zone "X" that corresponds to the 0.2% annual chance flood, and Zone "X", the area determined to be outside the 0.2% annual chance floodplain. A NSFHA is not in immediate danger from flooding caused by overflowing rivers or hard rains. Flood insurance isn't federally required in moderate-to-low areas, but it is recommended for all property owners and renters. The risk of being flooded is reduced but not completely removed. These areas submit over 20% of NFIP claims and receive one-third of disaster assistance for flooding.


A FIRM will generally show a community's base flood elevations, flood zones, and floodplain boundaries. As a property/business owner, you can use this map to get a reliable indication of what flood zone you're in. Maps do change over time, therefore, contact the Shawnee County Planning Department to confirm your floodplain status.

Shawnee County offers three ways by which to obtain floodplain information: the Flood Date Viewer, downloading specific FIRM Maps, or contact the Planning Department.

Flood Data Viewer. If you would like to research the flood hazards near your home or business, please access the Shawnee County's Flood Data Viewer.

Download FIRM Maps. The following list contains all flood map panels covering Shawnee County. First, select the Index Map to determine which map panel would likely contain the area or property of interest.

20177C0020E 20177C0025E 20177C0040E 20177C0050E 20177C0075E
20177C0078E 20177C0079E 20177C0083E 20177C0084E 20177C0087E
20177C0089E 20177C0090E 20177C0091E 20177C0092E 20177C0093E
20177C0094E 20177C0105E 20177C0115E 20177C0135E 20177C0151E
20177C0152E 20177C0154E 20177C0156E 20177C0157E 20177C0158E
20177C0159E 20177C0175E 20177C0176E 20177C0177E 20177C0178E
20177C0179E 20177C0183E 20177C0184E 20177C0185E 20177C0186E
20177C0187E 20177C0190E 20177C0291E 20177C0292E 20177C0293E
20177C0294E 20177C0301E 20177C0302E 20177C0305E 20177C0306E
20177C0307E 20177C0310E 20177C0311E 20177C0313E 20177C0315E
20177C0320E 20177C0326E 20177C0327E 20177C0330E 20177C0350E
20177C0375E 20177C0400E 20177C0425E 20177C0450E 20177CIND0A

Contact the Planning Department. If you would like to find out whether or not your property is located within a special flood hazard area, please contact the Shawnee County Planning Department at (785) 251-5410 for an unofficial determination. This service is provided free of charge for properties located within unincorporated Shawnee County limits. You can also view copies of the Flood Insurance Rate Maps in the Shawnee County Planning Department.

Flood Insurance Study (FIS)

A Flood Insurance Survey (FIS) is a compilation and presentation of flood risk data for specific watercourses, and lakes within a community. When a flood study is completed for the NFIP, the information and maps are assembled into an FIS. The FIS report contains detailed flood elevation data in flood profiles and data tables.

Shawnee County, KS Flood Insurance Study, Vol. 1 of 2

Shawnee County, KS Flood Insurance Study, Vol. 2 of 2