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Establishment of Shawnee County Building Code

On February 13, 2017, the Shawnee County Board of Commissioners adopted HR Resolution No. 2017-1 establishing a Shawnee County Building Code. On August 13, 2018, the Building Code was amended with the adoption of HR Resolution No. 2018-1 based on code updates by the City of Topeka.

The building code is applicable to the unincorporated area of Shawnee County and administered through an Affidavit of Code Compliance that must accompany any improvement requiring a building permit. The affidavit verifies that the person responsible for performing the work will comply with all applicable building codes.

Shawnee County intends to maintain consistency of building practice by applying similar codes as in effect in the City of Topeka to the unincorporated area. Accordingly, Shawnee County adopts by reference Title 14, Building and Construction of the City of Topeka Code as the Shawnee County Building Code. As currently in effect, this includes:

The following chapters from Title 14 of the City of Topeka Code are specifically excluded:

  • General Provisions (Chapter 14.05)
  • Permits (Chapter 14.10)
  • Technical Activities and Industries (Chapter 14.15)
  • Weights and Measures Code (Chapter 14.60)
  • Manufactured Homes and Trailers (Chapter 14.65)
  • Moving of Structures (Chapter 14.70)
  • Numbering of Buildings (Chapter 14.75)