Shawnee County Planning Department

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The Zoning Administrator is responsible for the investigation and enforcement of complaints regarding alleged zoning and building violations. The enforcement function is primarily in response to citizen complaints of alleged violations or referrals from other public agencies.

These complaints are investigated and, if substantiated, a warning and/or violation notices are issued. These actions may be followed by additional legal sanctions, such as fines, forced abatement or civil penalties. The overall objective of the enforcement process is to motivate the property owner to discontinue the illegal use or activity and/or obtain the required permits or land use authorizations.

Typical Complaints

The Planning Department is responsible for the compliance of:

The Zoning Administrator responds to complaints from the public and referrals from local agencies. The mission of the Planning Department is to ensure the equitable and consistent compliance of local building and land use regulations as adopted by the Shawnee County Board of Commissioners.

Compliance Process

Typical complaints in the unincorporated area include construction without a building permit (i.e. structures, fences, signs, etc.); and, the operation of a commercial business from residential property (e.g. landscape company, automotive repair, construction company, kennel, etc.).

Complaint-Filing Process

The compliance process begins with the filing of a complaint, alleging that a violation of County land use regulations has occurred. This is typically followed by a site visit by the Zoning Administrator to confirm the existence of the violation. Regardless of the results of the site visit, the Zoning Administrator will typically send the property owner a first contact letter informing them of the complaint and what steps must be taken to remedy the alleged violation.

If the reported violation is confirmed as a result of the site visit and the property owner is unresponsive or fails to respond in a productive manner, a formal notice of violation is sent to the property owner that will identify each violation, what steps need to be taken to abate the violation(s), a specific amount of time to abate the violation(s), and, penalties and fines for failure to comply. At the end of the specified time period, the property is reinspected and if the violation(s) has been corrected, the investigation is closed and the property owner is notified. If the violation(s) remain, the matter is referred to the Shawnee County Counselor to bring legal action against the property owner. Although voluntary compliance is sought, uncorrected violations can result in significant penalties to the property owner.

Complaint-Filing Process

A complaint can be filed using the online complaint form, or in writing. The source of all complaints remains confidential and will not be released by the County, unless required to do so by Court Order.