Shawnee County Planning Department

Enforcement Support Development.

I suspect my neighbor is doing construction work or other unauthorized activity without required permits. How can if find out if a permit was required and if there was a permit issued for the work in question? · ↑ top
To determine if construction is being done with the required building permits, you may contact the Planning Department at 785.251.5410.
How do I file a complaint? · ↑ top
Complaints regarding building or other land use activity must be reported in writing. Complaint forms are available at the Planning Department and may also be filed online by completing the online complaint form.
Is my complaint confidential? · ↑ top
The name of the complainant is kept confidential. If required by a judge of competent jurisdiction, the name of the complainant would be made known to the judge who may or may not make such information public.
What happens with my complaint? · ↑ top
Your complaint is logged in and an investigation file is prepared. Information collected from site visits along with all correspondence and violation notices are maintained within the file. The investigation file provides all necessary documentation should the matter be transferred to the County Counselor for legal action.
How can I check the status of my complaint once it is filed? · ↑ top
You may call the Planning Department at 785.251.5410 to inquire about the status of your complaint. Once a complaint is filed, it becomes an official investigation. Inquiries about the status of a complaint will simply be referred to as “under investigation”, “confirmed pending resolution” or “transferred to County Counselor for legal action”. Once under investigation, official details of the case are not released. Please bear in mind that the enforcement process does take time to complete.
I have been issued a violation notice. What do I do now? · ↑ top
More than likely you were issued a violation notice for failing to contact the Planning Department in response to a complaint for which you received notice, or, did not respond in a timely manner in response to the complaint when first informed. Contact the Zoning Administrator and you will be given information of your next step to resolve the violation.
How do I get a copy of the regulation listed on the violation notice to understand what the violation is? · ↑ top
The regulations administered by the Planning Department are available online and you may view and/or print the section listed on the violation notice. If you have questions concerning the application and interpretation of applicable sections, you can contact the Zoning Administrator for additional information.
What happens if the violation remains uncorrected? · ↑ top
Fortunately, most property owners act promptly to correct violations on their property once they are informed of the need to do so. For those property owners who do not elect to correct reported violations, a thorough and often costly enforcement process results.If the issue(s) cited in the violation notice remain unresolved by the conclusion of the specified time period, the matter will be referred to the County Counselor for legal action as authorized by state statute. The County presents evidence of the existence of the violation(s) to the District Court and seeks a decision that includes an order of abatement, payment of all County costs incurred in seeking correction of the violation, and possibly payment of civil penalties.
How do I get a “Stop Work Order” removed once I have corrected the violation associated with my building permit? · ↑ top
Contact the Zoning Administrator and advise that the violations have been corrected. Upon a site visit or confirmation that the issues have been resolved, the Zoning Administrator will issue a notice canceling the Stop Work Order.