Shawnee County Audit Finance

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Requests for Proposal and Quotation

The following bid requests are open to qualified vendors (in PDF format).

Bid Information
Current Bids
050-16: Shawnee County is soliciting sealsed bids for the purchase of sand. Request for Quotation
2016-09-30 - at 14:00
051-16: Shawnee County is soliciting sealed bids for computers and DVD drives. Request for Quotation
2016-09-30 - at 14:00
052-16: The Shawnee County Sheriffs Office is soliciting sealed bids for In-Car video and storage solution. Request for Quotation
2016-10-03 - at 14:00

Bids must be securely sealed in an envelope addressed and marked on the outside with the name and address of bidder, quotation number and closing date in the lower left-hand corner. Bids by telephone or telegraph, or facsimile will not be accepted.