Shawnee County Register of Deeds

Real Estate Recording Office.

Requirements and Frequently Asked Questions

Recording Requirements

  • Prepare documents legibly
  • Properly title, date and execute the document
  • Properly witness and/or acknowledge all documents
  • Include the complete legal description of property with all initial recordings
  • Properly reference previously recorded documents
  • Include the name and address of preparer and the return-to address for document
  • Include the correct fee and applicable taxes
  • Leave a 2.5 inch x 2.5 inch blank square at the top of the first page of a document for our recording stamp or add a cover page (include extra fees)

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the document need to be an original, or can I record a copy?

In almost all cases the document must be an original. The only exceptions are for CERTIFIED COPIES from certain courts and from the Bureau of Vital Statistics for Death Certificates.

Is everything handled in the Register of Deeds Office a matter of Public Record?

Everything recorded in the Register of Deeds Office is regulated by the Kansas Open Records Act. A Sales Validation Questionnaire that accompanies a deed is not recorded and is not a matter of public record.

Does the Register of Deeds Office perform searches of the records for liens or ownership verifications?

No. It is not a service of our office, but we can instruct you on how to search the records.

Are deed forms and Sales Validation Questionnaire forms provided by your office?

Yes, they are free of charge.

Will you fill out the deed form for me?

We cannot fill out the forms for you, but we can help guide you along as to what information must be filled in.