Shawnee County Register of Deeds

Real Estate Recording Office.

Glossary of Terms
    A legal document used to transfer real estate title during the grantor's lifetime.

    A non-possessory right, to use real property owned by another for a specified     purpose.

    One to whom a grant is made.

    A transferor of property.

Joint Tenancy
    Undivided co-ownership by two or more persons under which a deceased owner's     interest will go to the surviving joint tenant(s).

    A legal instrument creating a lien against real estate in favor of a lender, until the     debt is paid.

    A lender or holder of a mortgage.

    One who, having all or some part of title to property, by written instrument pledges     that property for some particular purpose such as security for a debt.

    A map of a town, section or subdivision showing the location and boundaries of     individual parcels of land subdivided into lots, with streets, alleys, easements, etc     usually drawn to a scale.

Quit Claim Deed
    A deed, used to release or relinquish a claim without making any warranties     regarding the validity of such claim.

Satisfaction (Release) of Mortgage
    A discharge signed by the mortgagee or holder of the mortgage indicating that the     property subject to the mortgage is released or that the mortgage debt has been     paid and that all terms and conditions of the mortgage have been satisfied.

Sheriff’s Deed
    A document giving ownership rights in property to a buyer at a sheriff's sale.

Tenancy in Common
    A co-ownership by two or more persons under which the interest of each owner is     inheritable.

Transfer on Death deed
    A document or an instrument that conveys ownership of real property from one     person to another upon the death of the grantor or owner. Transfer on Death Deed     may be revoked at any time.

Information collected from:
Black's Law Dictionary (1982) & Evidencing Kansas Land Titles (1985)