Shawnee County Emergency Communications Center

Honor Integrity Professionalism.


“9-1-1, where is your emergency?”

Mission Statement

Working in partnership with the community to protect and serve with honor, integrity, and professionalism.

The Shawnee County Emergency Communications Center (SCECC) is the Shawnee County 911 Center. The SCECC receives and processes all 911 calls from within Shawnee County. The center also handles many more non-emergency and administrative calls from the public and for the agencies we serve. In addition, SCECC dispatches for six law enforcement agencies and eight fire agencies in Shawnee County.


  • Handling of all County 911 and other emergency calls.
  • SCECC dispatches and receives calls for assistance for the following agencies:
    • Auburn Fire Department
    • Auburn Police Department
    • Dover Fire Department
    • Mission Fire Department
    • Rossville Fire Department
    • Rossville Police Department
    • Shawnee County Park Police
    • Shawnee County Sheriff's Office
    • Shawnee Heights Fire Department
    • Silver Lake Fire Department
    • Silver Lake Police Department
    • Soldier Fire Department
    • Topeka Fire Department
    • Topeka Police Department, including Topeka Animal Control
  • Coordination of emergency communications during disasters or other critical situations.
  • Ability to provide tornado warning notifications when requested

Each year, the SCECC handles more than 100,000 calls to 911, almost 500,000 non-emergency and administrative phone calls, and more than 200,500 calls for service to law enforcement and fire agencies in Shawnee County.