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Solid Waste

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    Did You Know?

    The Shawnee County Solid Waste department hauls more than 150 tons of refuse and 40 tons of recyclables per day! In addition to this, our Household Hazardous Waste Facility handles over 100 tons of material per year, keeping it out of our local landfill.

    The solid waste fleet consists of 19 refuse and 11 recycling trucks to handle both residential and commercial solid waste.

    Points Of Interest

    • We are Non-tax supported Enterprise fund.
    • We have a leading role in the county emergency action plan.

    2015 Holiday Schedule

    Shawnee County Solid Waste Department Holiday Schedule

    Why Recycle?

    Learn more about the benefits of recycling and why you should recycle.

    Check out the NEW Public drop off location at the Old Shawnee County Road Maintenance Shop at 6318 SW Auburn Road in Auburn, Kansas.