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    Some Tips

    Composting is a very useful way to increase the yield of your vegetable and flower gardens. Items that can be safely composted include:

    • Grass
    • Leaves
    • Small Tree Limbs
    • Vegetable Peelings
    • Fruit Peelings
    • Coffee Grounds
    • Shredded Paper
    • Straw
    • Hay Bales
    • Animal fats can be composted; however, they may tend to attract rodents to your yard

    When composting, dirt should be added to your pile to keep odors down and aid in breaking down the vegetable matter. Turn every two weeks or so, and keep it moist. The Shawnee County Recycling Department provides one free compost bin to residents of the county to help them get started. Call 233-6147 for more information.

    Some Help

    Free backyard composting bins are available to Shawnee County residents who pledge an effort to organic waste reduction. Finished compost is achieved by a simple recipe which, with time and care, can supply you a fertilizer and soil conditioner, while reducing your yard and kitchen wastes. Bins are redeemable by stopping by the KSU/Shawnee County Extension office at 1740 SW Western and filling out a voucher to pick up your bin at an area nursery. Instructions will be given you and "How To Compost" demonstrations are conducted by the Master Gardeners on selected Saturdays from April through October. Call for details.

    KSU/Extension office:
    Master Gardener
    Response Line/Garden
    Phone: 357-GROW