Shawnee County Solid Waste

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Solid Waste

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    What to Bring

    Throughout the county there are locations that collect recyclable materials. Shawnee County recycles the following materials:

    • Plastics
    • Newspaper
    • Mixed Office Paper: Different colors, weights and types of office paper
    • Metals: Steel and Aluminum Cans.
    • Cardboard: Corrugated Cardboard, Cereal Boxes and Brown Grocery Bags
    • Magazine Stock: Old Magazines

    Where to Bring It

    The following locations will collect all types of recyclables:

    Plastics, Office Paper, Newspaper, Metals, Cardboard, Magazines

    If you zoom in using hybrid map mode, you can get a very good idea where these points are located, within roughly a meter (yard/3 feet).

    By clicking on the address below, you will effectively leave the County site and access information to help you locate our recycling locations. Shawnee County does not endorse or control the content of that site and your access to their service is by choice and you agree to accept the results and any liability related to the same.

    Please contact the webmaster if the map does not display properly.