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    It takes 95% less energy to produce an aluminum can from an existing can than one from ore. The average American uses around 150 steel cans per year. In the US, more than two million tons of steel are landfilled each year.


    Paper makes up 40% of the trash in our landfills. Recycling it saves natural resources and there are many uses for it when you get done with it.


    Plastic is a growing, high-volume part of our waste. Shawnee County's recycled plastic is being made into new containers and other products like carpet. Aside from soft plastic, we want to recycle any numbered plastic containers you have.


    The Solid Waste Department is funded by user fees, a host fee at the landfill, and by the sale of commodities. No tax dollars are used.

    • Recycling creates jobs and strengthens the economy.
    • Recycling saves energy.
    • Recycling prevents soil, water, and air pollution, including greenhouse gases.
    • Recycling conserves our natural resources.
    • Recycling extends the lives of existing landfills and reduces the need for new landfills.


    Types and Locations
    Type Location
    plastic All numbered containers. Shawnee County Recycling bins
    (no styrofoam or plastic bags of any kind)
    plastic grocery bags Dillons, Walmart, Hy-Vee, Apple Market
    newspaper bags Trash or your paper carrier, or call Dillons, Walmart, Hy-Vee, Apple Market
    styro-foam peanuts Call the UPS Store or other mailing businessess
    styro-foam molded Trash

    Check the bottom of the container, there should be a triangle with a number in the center. Shawnee County accepts all numbers. No plastic bags or styrofoam.

    aluminum Shawnee County Recycling bins
    tin Shawnee County Recycling bins
    newsprint with inserts Shawnee County Recycling bins
    magazines/catalogs Shawnee County Recycling bins
    office paper Shawnee County Recycling Bins
    corrugated Shawnee County Recycling bins
    cereal & cracker boxes Shawnee County Recycling bins
    brown paper sacks Shawnee County Recycling bins
    colored Shawnee County Recycling bins
    clear Shawnee County Recycling bins

    Remember to break down your cardboard and rinse all food and beverage containers before recycling

    White Goods
    refrigerators Shawnee County Solid Waste (to remove freon & recycle)
    washers & dryers Langley Recycling, Advantage Metals
    stoves Langley Recycling, Advantage Metals

    Several appliance stores will remove these items for you at the time of delivery for a fee. Shawnee County Solid Waste will also pick up these items for a fee.

    PVC pipe trash
    lawn furniture trash
    shower inserts trash
    ceiling tiles trash
    Paint cans Household Hazardous Waste Facility
    medications contact Shawnee County Household Hazardous Waste Facility

    Medical (sharps) wastes require special handling: Call the Coalition for Safe Community Needle Disposal at 1-800-643-1643. You can also call the Center for Disease Control’s Office of Public Inquiry at 1-800-311-3435 (ext #2). It’s also a good idea to check with your local pharmacy for additional information.


    Composting is a very useful way to increase the yield of your vegetable and flower gardens. Items, which can be safely composted, include:

    • grass clippings
    • leaves
    • small tree limbs
    • vegetable & fruit peelings
    • coffee grounds
    • shredded paper
    • straw or hay bales

    Animal fats can be composted; however, they may tend to attract rodents to your yard.

    When composting, dirt should be added to your pile to keep odors down and aid in breaking down the vegetable matter. Turn every two weeks or so, and keep it moist. The Shawnee County Solid Waste Department provides one free compost bin to residents of the county to help them get started. Call 233-4774 for more information.

    Household Hazardous Waste

    The Shawnee County Solid Waste Department operates a Household Hazardous Waste collection facility located at 131 NE 46th St. to help keep hazardous wastes out of our landfills, streams, and ground water. Call (785) 286-4381 or 233-4774 if you have any questions or doubts about what can be safely thrown away. The facility is open the first Saturday of every month except January and July. The hours of operation are 9 a.m. to noon rain or shine. They are also open for drop-offs from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM Monday through Friday.

    Be sure to dispose of trash properly, and safely to insure the safety of our children, and grand children.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    Remember: reduce, reuse, recycle.