Shawnee County Treasurer

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Tax and Registration Deadlines

Real Estate

Real estate taxes are due by the following dates:

December 20 1st Half Due
May 10 2nd Half Due

Motor Vehicle

Heavy Trucks and non-RV trailers must be registered by the end of February (28).

February Heavy Trucks and non-RV trailers

Please renew your motor vehicle registration by the end of the month which corresponds with the last name of the owner:

January (31) N/A May (31) E, F, G September (30) P, Q, R
February (28) A June (30) H, I October (31) S
March (31) B July (31) J, K, L November (30) T, V, W
April (30) C, D August (31) M, N, O December (31) U, X, Y, Z

Courtesy notification of renewal is generally mailed by the State 45 days prior to expiration.