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Rental Equipment Program


Cost-shared spraying equipment is a service the Shawnee County Weed Department provides. Shawnee County has rented 200 gallon pasture sprayers for many years. They apply 13 gallons of water per acre and are rugged enough to withstand the rough terrain that noxious weeds normally inhabit. It has been a wonderful program for those landowners that have too much property to spray by hand, but not enough to warrant purchasing their own sprayer.

Skid-type sprayer

  • First come first served
    • We'll hold one, if you call in and are on the way.
  • For noxious weed control only. They are not available for pasture burning, water hauling, cattle spraying, or use with non-approved chemicals.
  • Self-contained motor and pump. No PTO required.
  • Nine 200-gallon, two-wheeled pull-type sprayer.
    • 45′ boomless swath + handgun with 50′ of hose.
    • Pull at 5 mph.
    • A full tank will cover 15 acres.
    • Requires a 2" ball hitch.
    • Has an attachment that can utilize water from a pond or stream.
  • Six - 200-gallon skid-type sprayer:
    • Slides into a pickup bed.
    • Handgun with 150' of hose.
    • No charge for excessively windy days or rainy days.
  • Normally available in mid-week.

Pull-type sprayer


Shawnee County rental sprayers are subsidized by county noxious weed funds for the purpose of controlling noxious weeds. Operators are asked to pay a nominal fee for the use of the sprayers. The following rules must be observed.

  • Operate equipment safely and follow label and application rules. Ask questions if needed.
  • Be responsible for all damages to the equipment during your use. Please call in if the sprayer has a damaged or flat tire - we have spares.
  • Clean the outside of the sprayer before returning it.
  • Use only approved herbicides.
  • Do not adjust spray pressure regulators.
  • Return the equipment as soon as you are done with it. Other landowners are waiting.
  • Return sprayers with a full tank of fuel.
  • Keep road transport speed below 45 mph.
  • Daily rate is $20.00. The rate for sprayers rented on Friday and returned Monday before 9:00 am will be adjusted based on # of acres sprayed or days it was used.